I operate a ‘fixed’ pricing scheme for a straight forward sweep. I rely on you to tell me what I am sweeping – the price will be quoted to you based on that information.

If you have failed to tell me in advance of any problems,  for example a fireplace that is larger than normal, I reserve the right to ‘re-quote’ on arrival.

If I encounter a problem (this might for example, be a blockage or a problem flue, or a very neglected non-regularly swept flue).  I will advise you if there are any extra charges to be made.

Domestic Chimney Sweeping Service – £60 per standard sized flue serving lined stoves and open fires found in most homes.
This includes a full sweep carried out to national standards and the issuing of a Certificate of Sweeping.

Unlined Stoves – from £75 -£90. These are multi fuel stoves and wood burners which are typically installed into masonry flues without a liner.
The reason it is more expensive than a standard sweep is that gathering the fallen soot is more time-consuming as it has be taken off the register plate through an access hatch.

Water jacket inside a wood burner – I charge an extra £5 to clear this of deposits
Double sided wood burners add £5

Inglenook Open Fire  or Inglenook with Canopy Sweeping Service from £90 depending on the size of the opening into the room. Usually this means anything over 6ft in width.

Bird’s Nest Removal – From £100-150. All nest removal debris is left at the property. This includes the cost of a sweep and a Certificate of Sweeping

Carbon Monoxide Alarm – I can supply Fire Angel digital detector for £20.00

Repairs – Happy to quote when at property

These prices assume that the flue to be swept has been swept within the last couple of years.
If you get your flues swept infrequently then please expect me to add a surcharge if the flue is particularly dirty.